Four Walls in Rome

It’s been raining and hailing all day in Istanbul and other than write up CVs and send out lots of e-mails, we have little to write about this evening. Instead, we decided to share some pictures of a popular graffiti wall around a soccer field in Rome.

We first noticed a long line of white female silouettes holding hands that were painted on crumbling concrete wall as far as the eye could see. We rounded the corner, curious to see how far the display went.Rome street artEach figure had a sticker with a name and date written on it. There was a Facebook link at the beginning. The translated description of the project reads:
“Since the beginning of 2012 to date [there] have been 240 victims of femicide in Italy, 240 women murdered by men who confuse love with possession. This is a wall in memory of the 240 victims, we have chosen to call by name to remember them as people and not just numbers.”
The row of named women stopped midway along the second wall. There was still enough space to add more.

On the opposite side an entire wall had been painted by a talented graffiti artist who signed her work as AliceRome street artThe length of the wall featured a series of different characters that seemed to coalesce into a specific theme –
The freedom of youth tied to a string,

Rome street artthe forming of friendships,Rome street art learning to lean on those you trust,Rome street art falling in love,Rome street artfeeling alone,Rome street artand a wide breadth of human experiences are conveyed with a sense of hope but also an acceptance that sometimes life is just going to hurt. Rome street art

If you’d like to see more of the street art in Rome, photos have been added to the gallery.