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A Semi-Accurate Map of Our Travels So Far

Today we were meant to write up a post about our week in Rome but Nathan is quite sick and has spent the whole day in bed re-watching Indiana Jones movies. He’ll likely be just fine tomorrow and since it was to a be another collaborative (red and black) post, I’d rather not do it without him. However, over the past two weeks we have skipped too many days for me to not post something here.

For kicks, I made a little video of our trip so far with an app called Indiana Map. It gives no indication as to which parts of the journey were made by plane, boat, train, bus, car, or on foot. Neither does it show any of the beautiful countryside nor the depressing views of entire towns left behind by the economic crisis. And of course it is not 100% accurate in showing all of the places we’ve been because it would just have been too complicated to do that. Instead there is an steadily advancing red line, rushing across the map.

If you’ve been keeping up with our sporadic posts over the past 7 weeks, you’ll know that in some of these places we were hosted by absolutely wonderful people while in others we spent anxious and restless nights in fairly unpleasant conditions. In others still we blew through large chunks of our funds because we found ourselves staying in hostels despite never once having any intention of doing so. All of those experiences, or most of them, are represented by a red dot.

Most importantly, this video goes by far too quickly when considering it feels like a whole lifetime has passed since we got our passports stamped in Madrid.

Now, before you hit play on the video, you should turn the volume down and instead hum the Raider’s March. It’s much cooler that way.

Here’s a still image of those same locations made with Traveller’s Point.

As you can see from this video and from our scattershot approach to recounting the various shenanigans we’ve engaged in, Nathan and I are just a couple of guys who only sort of know what they’re doing. We both would like to thank those of you who dot the landscape behind us, whether back in the US or in the handful of countries we’ve visited since. Thank you for opening your homes to us, feeding us, showing us around your cities, teaching us about the politics and culture of your country, and for reading the little blog we’ve been keeping as we try to figure it all out, usually a few days to a week behind.

We can actually see the countries in which our readers reside (don’t worry, we have no way of knowing who you are) and it’s truly incredible how far and wide our photos and stories have travelled in advance of us. – Jason