Life Changes After Four Months Abroad

My backpack is in the closet collecting dust, my traveling pants are on hangars right above, and my boots sit untouched beside the front door of an apartment Jason and I can call our own. We are living here for just two more weeks before we relocate again. We are working on residency because our visa ends in less than a month. In order to get residency we need insurance, proof of a residence, $6000 in a Turkish bank, and a pile of legal paper work. A friend of ours was nearly trampled by a horde of Syrian refugees during a six hour wait as they all fought to get residency. Hopefully we won’t have that same problem.
After working at a private school for two weeks, one of the administrators pulled out a sheet of paper and asked me to sign a contract for next year. They pay $1600 a month and provide everything I need to obtain residency. There’s a lot of holidays in Turkey and with ample paid time off, I’ll have plenty of time to travel to other countries. I will be teaching first grade and high school. With this in mind I decided to sign the contract and we shook hands to seal the deal.
I’m not sure what the summer is going to be like. Jason is talking about traveling again and he’s expressed a longing to get back on the road. Istanbul is not fulfilling his sense of purpose. It’s the first time since we’ve left that we haven’t agreed on when to go and where. I see Istanbul as the best place for me to get experience living and working abroad. By living here for the next year I’ll not only earn enough money to continue traveling, but I will also learn some important skills and gain the experience to make this sort of life sustainable.
I don’t know what will happen in the next couple of months; I suppose we both need a chance to explore, to itch our feet on a different foreign soil for a while. There’s talks of going to Greece in the coming weeks.

Hoşgeldin Ramazan,
– Nathan

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