Our Last Weekend in Barcelona

Up to this point we have moved much more quickly than we had anticipated. Catalonia was the first place on our journey that allowed us to start feeling a degree of comfort and familiarity. Of course as with nearly every place we have been so far, we didn’t get to spend nearly as much time in Barcelona as we would have liked. I say nearly because there was at least one place that we were only too happy to leave (see the post entitled “Sleeping With Knives”). Fortunately the people we have come to know in this wonderful city knew exactly how to show us a good time during our last weekend in town.

Fem-CongressOne session from En Luitta’s Feminist Congress. This meeting about sex-work as legitimate work and the relationship, or lack thereof, to the official labor movement. Just like at the International Women’s Day demonstration, the group here is nearly half made up of men but the meeting was lead from the front by women.
FactoryNathan and Isaac standing outside of Can Batlló, an abandoned factory complex which has been reclaimed and repurposed by the community for all manner of social events. 

imageIsaac and Jason heading past some street art made of spun yarn towards a war zone of flames and Calçots – a dish made of green onions cooked on a large fire and served with a dipping sauce, some bread, sausage, and wine. 




imageIsaac helps break down pallets for the fire pit, people load fresh onions onto the grill, and others pitch in to destring the onions and wrap them in the ceremonial garb of carefully folded newspaper. 

imageIt takes a while to prepare the food but there is plenty to do…

image…like discuss politics and the Eurozone…


image…and add the supplimentary side dish of sausage and potatoes. It’s strange to think that the main dish is onions.

imageAny minute now…

imageAfter stuffing ourselves and discussing Catalan Independence with people outside, we headed back to the Feminist Congress for a session on the contributions of women in the Civil War.  

imageLeon’s parting gift to us, which we rapidly consumed before a rushed goodbye. We had a long trek to the ferry which was to take us away a bit too soon.

We were sad to leave Catalonia. We spent more time here than anywhere since leaving the United States. We’ve made new friends and disovered a whole world that we have only just begun to explore. Most new places will be hard for us to leave behind though. It’s the price of making connections with people as you travel. Now we have to do it all over again for the third time and there’s something exciting about that.

Next stop, Italy!

– Nathan and Jason






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