Work Exchange Across Europe

When traveling on a limited budget there are two helpful work exchange websites to use:
WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and Workaway.

WWOOF matches work exchange volunteers with farms, eco projects, gardens, ranches, and more. Typically the accommodations are rustic, secluded, and some require workers to bring their own shelter. WWOOF seems to cater to people who want to get away from civilization, live off the land, and get back to the basics. WWOOF memberships cost about twenty euro, last for one year, and if traveling as a couple or with a friend, the website requires that both people set up their own individual profiles. WWOOF has separate websites in each country and memberships do not cross over from country to country. For instance, if you plan on WWOOFing through Portugal and into Spain you will have to pay a separate fee and set up a separate account for each country.

Workaway is similar to WWOOF except the type of work ranges from teaching to farming, culture exchange to operating a hostel, baby sitting to carpentry, and everything in between. I’ve even noticed some WWOOF hosts use Workaway as well. Workaway lasts for two years, a couple or two friends traveling together can create a joint account, and a Workaway account is applicable anywhere in the world. Memberships costs about the same as a WWOOF account, but if you intend on traveling through more than one country, Workaway is a far better investment.

Jason and I had an interesting experience riding the Ghost Ship Grimaldi from Barcelona to Savona, Italy. After arriving 6 hours late and getting dropped off in the rain, we’ve been riding trains towards Livorno without sleep, without much internet, and without food. Our next two posts will be about our first Workaway experience at Eco-Rabanya and about Jason’s impressions of Catalan independence. After that, a scathing review of Grimaldi lines.

– Nathan

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