Constitution of the Tramp

It was the day after Christmas in Texas, the last day Jason and I would see each other until it was time for us to both fly into Europe. We took a walk along the Gulf of Mexico, a walk we had taken many times as teenagers. We were writing the vows for our adventure. I titled it Constitution of the Tramp.

  • On love and romance – We do not fall in love. If one or both of us do, then love will have to wait until the journey is over for both of us.
  • On revolution – If we are close to a revolution or a revolution is close at hand we must see it for ourselves to learn all that we can. After spending no less than a week judging and discerning the situation, we decide whether or not to scrap all previous engagements and join the struggle. Remember, plans are made to be broken.
  • On money – The money we start with is ours to do with as we please and any money we make on the trip is money we share equally.
  • On poverty – If we ever need to call home for money, then we are going home. We will not ride around Europe on our family’s dime.
  • On misery and hardship – If things are unbearable and one of us wants to throw in the towel, we agree to at least move on to the next destination. Once there we spend a week deciding whether or not to quit the trip altogether.
  • On danger – When you run, I run. When you fight, I fight.
  • On communication – There are no secrets, just the honest and sometimes uncomfortable truth.
  • On friendship – We never bail on each other and we do everything together. There will be times when we will agree to take breaks from one another.
  • On ending the friendship – If the time ever comes when the trip jeopardizes the friendship, we agree to end the trip together as friends.

– Nathan

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